Use power. Improve performance.

Are you getting the most out of your athletes’ power data? Get a solid foundation in power data and take your coaching strategy to the next level by truly understanding the information at your fingertips. With power, you will build more effective training plans for your athletes and yourself. By the end of the course, you will understand power terminology, master the TrainingPeaks interface, be able to analyze your athletes’ workouts, and use that information to create performance-improving plans. Once you have completed the course you will receive a Power Certification badge to use on your website, social media, and other marketing channels.

What you will learn

  • Analyze power data

    Learn power terminology and the skills to analyze your athletes' files.

  • Build better training plans

    Use power to better understand your athletes' strengths and weaknesses.

  • Master the technology

    Use the best charts and metrics to find the insights that matter while ignoring the noise.

Earn additional credits

Complete the course and assessments to earn CEUs.

  • USA Cycling

    4 CEUs

Meet your instructor

Tim Cusick

WKO Product Lead

Tim Cusick is a USA Cycling Coach and has been coaching and guiding camps for over ten years. As a master level coach, Tim coaches pro and masters cyclist and has taken several to the top, including world and national championship titles, including pros Amber Neben and Emma Grant. Tim is also the product leader for TrainingPeaks WKO5 Software, working with Dr. Andy Coggan and programmer Kevin Williams in developing cutting edge analytical training software. As a cyclist, Tim jumped into cycling after a successful college track career. He started with mountain biking and moved right to the top, racing at the elite level for a nationally ranked team. He then got into road and cyclocross racing, as well as competing in long endurance events. Tim currently trains and rides daily, always ready for the next cycling adventure trip or cycling camp. Tim is the TrainingPeaks go-to guy for live webinars, seminars, articles, and videos on power education and WKO5. Check out the TrainingPeaks' blog for numerous articles and videos, many by Tim Cusick. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started With Power

    • Getting Started

    • Session Objectives

    • The Benefits of Power Training

    • Power vs Heart Rate

    • Getting Started

    • Key Power Terminology

    • Basic Steps of Power Training

    • Step 1: Collect and View Data

    • Step 2: Testing

    • Step 3: Establish Training Zones

    • Step 4: Review the Power Profile

    • Step 5: Build a Training Plan

    • Step 6: Build Power Workouts

    • Step 7: Update FTP and Zones

    • Getting Started with Power Quiz

  • 2

    The Performance Management Chart

    • Introduction

    • Session Objectives

    • Key Power Terminology

    • Training Stress Score

    • PMC Overview

    • Fitness (CTL)

    • Fatigue (ATL)

    • Form (TSB)

    • Uses for the PMC

    • Tracking against performance

    • Performance Manager Quiz

  • 3

    Athlete Power Analysis

    • Session 3 ojectives

    • Define key power terminology

    • Key reports

    • PMC-Performance Management Chart

    • Advanced PMC

    • Fitness History

    • Power Duration Curve

    • Power Profile

    • Peak Power

    • Time in Zone

    • TSS:IF by Week

    • Athlete dashboard and home page review

    • Athlete Home:Ramp Rate

    • Athlete Performance Overview

    • Athlete Power Analysis Quiz

  • 4

    Workout Review

    • Session 4 Introduction

    • Session 4 Objectives

    • Workout Monitoring

    • Calendar view

    • Quickview

    • Drilling In

    • Workout Overview

    • Analysis

    • Interval Review

    • Core Workout Review

    • WKO Advanced Workout Analysis

    • Additional Info

    • Workout Review

    • Workout Review Quiz

  • 5

    Congratulations - Download your Certification Badge

    • Download your badges