Don't miss a thing from the 2020 Endurance Coaching Summit.

The Endurance Coaching Summit (ECS) unites the world's top endurance coaches, thought leaders and business experts in a virtual gathering of industry leaders. This event explores a variety of topics designed to help coaches learn the latest in science-based training techniques and successfully grow their business. Over 800 coaches from 25 different countries have learned from ECS in the past and more return each year. 

ECS Online is a collection of the best information from the Summit, including videos and slides from every session. Hear from the speakers like Stephen Seiler, Carol Austin, Tim Ballintine, Andrew Jones, and Kristy Elliot-Sale. Learn proven successful business strategies to help you build and grow your coaching business. Register today and take your skills to the next level. 

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs): This course is a CEU Approved Provider for USA Cycling (7 CEUs) and USA Triathlon (up to 5 CEUs, requires additional purchase from USAT).

Business Meets Science

  • Build Your Business

    Learn proven business strategies and gain powerful marketing tools to help you grow your coaching business.

  • Get Inspired

    Discover how other coaches have found success and be inspired to take your own business to the next level.

  • Learn the Science

    Get the latest research used by the world's leading endurance experts and start incorporating them with your own athletes.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Navigating the Online Course player

    • Opening remarks

    • Gwen Jorgensen & Jamie Turner - From 38 to Olympic Champion: The Journey from London to Rio Olympics

    • Mike Michalowicz - The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field

    • Lesley Paterson & Simon Marshall - A practical approach for teaching and learning science-based resilience and coping skills for endurance athletes and coaches

  • 2


    • Stephen Seiler - P3: Pace/Power, Physiology, and Perception

    • Samuele Marcora - Perception of Effort and Endurance Performance

    • Stacy Sims - Metabolic Changes and Impact on Adaptation and Recovery in Peri- and Post- Menopausal Women and Aging Men

    • Kirsty Elliot - Female Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

    • Allen Lim - Understanding Carbohydrate Chemistry to Optimize Fueling & Hydration

    • Patrick Wilson - The Athlete's Gut

    • Abi Carver - Yoga For Endurance Athletes—Nail Your Recovery And Unlock Superhuman Performance

    • Yago Alcalde - Virtual Bike Fitting

    • Roxanne Vogel - Extreme Nutrition: Lessons learned from fueling the world’s toughest challenges.

    • Barb Kreijtz - Post-concussion syndrome

    • Andrew Jones - Prescription of endurance training from physiological tests

  • 3


    • Matthias Knossalla - Marketing Your Business Online

    • Simon Ward - Remote Coaching Business

    • Kristen Dieffenbach - From Coached to Coach

    • Mike Ricci - Starting your own Coaching Business

    • Tim Ballintine - E-Sports & E-Racing

    • Rob Lee - Making Your Coaching Work for You

  • 4


    • Holly Seear - Inspiring More Women to Coach

    • Carol Austin - The Invisible Truth: Diversity and Inclusivity in the Pro Peloton

    • Alison Desir - Building an Anti-Racist Running Industry

  • 5

    Closing remarks

    • Closing Remarks

Get Accredited

For coaches looking to earn Continuing Education Credits, this course is a CEU Approved Provider for USA Cycling (7 CEUs) and USA Triathlon (up to 5 CEUs, requires additional purchase from USAT).). Coaches will receive a certificate upon completion.
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