Don't let hydration continue to slow you down.

Andy Blow, founder of Precision Hydration, learned about the impact hydration issues can have on performance the hard way: by spending time in the medical tent during multiple races in hot, humid conditions.

 But, through a lot of research and plenty of trial and error, Andy uncovered some important truths about the science of hydration and has been working with coaches and athletes to spread his knowledge ever since.

He has implemented his knowledge at the highest levels of sport. First through his role as Team Sports Scientist at the Renault and Benetton Formula One racing teams and then through his work with elite athletes in pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League and beyond, as well as in endurance sports like triathlon, cycling and ultra running.

You should consider this course if you're a coach who wants to help athletes avoid common hydration mistakes during training and racing. 

Athletes who frequently run into GI and cramping issues during activity or just want to improve their performance can benefit from this course too.

By the end of the course, students will be familiar with the complicated history of hydration science, have a good understanding of the science of hydration for endurance athletes, and also have the tools and know-how to build personalized hydration strategies for training and racing.  

What you will learn

  • Hydration History

    Learn how hydration advice has changed significantly over the years and how controversial a topic it is in the world of sports science.

  • Hydration Science & Myth Busting

    Learn how dehydration (and overhydration) impact performance, the role of electrolytes and how our individual physiology affects our hydration needs.

  • Build Hydration Plans

    Learn how to create a personalized hydration plan for yourself and/or your athletes.

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    2 CEUs

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Meet the instructor

Andy Blow

Founder, Precision Hydration

Andy Blow has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath and was once the Team Sports Scientist for the Renault and Benetton Formula One racing teams. He has a few top 10 IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 finishes and an XTERRA World Age Group title to his name. He founded Precision Hydration to help athletes solve their hydration issues after suffering from hyponatremia and cramp during his own races in the heat (he's a VERY salty/heavy sweater!). Andy and PH work with a long list of pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League and beyond, as well as elite and age group athletes in endurance sports like triathlon, cycling and ultra running. These days Andy regularly races swimruns, open water swims and trail runs.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 - Basic Hydration Science

    • Basic Hydration Science

    • Why do humans sweat so much?

    • The Science of Sweating

    • A Brief History of hydration advice

    • Why is sodium so important to hydration?

    • How sodium helps you perform at your best

    • What is hyponatremia and how can you avoid it?

    • What happens when you get severely dehydrated?

    • How much dehydration can you tolerate before your performance suffers?

    • How to tell if you're dehydrated

    • Further Reading

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

  • 2

    Chapter 2 - How to Nail your Hydration Strategy

    • How to nail your hydration strategy

    • How To Measure Your Sweat Rate To Improve Your Hydration Strategy

    • How to calculate your sweat rate

    • Sweat Loss Calculator

    • How to estimate how much sodium you lose in your sweat

    • How much should you drink during different types of exercise?

    • Different types of sports drink and when to use them

    • How to START hydrated and why that's so important

    • How to rehydrate quickly and improve your recovery

    • How to nail your hydration strategy - Further reading

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter 3 - Common Hydration Questions

    • Why do athletes suffer from cramps?

    • Cramp infographic 2019

    • Should you really just 'drink water to thirst'?

    • Can you overdose on sports drink?

    • Does having clear urine really mean you're well hydrated?!

    • Should your hydration strategy change as you get older?

    • Is it best to drink water or dump it on yourself to stay cool in hot weather?

    • 10 key takeaways from the Science of Endurance Hydration Course

    • Chapter 3 Quiz