Don't miss a thing from the 2019 Endurance Coaching Summit.

Every year, the brightest minds in endurance sports gather to discuss the latest in endurance training techniques, nutrition, and business strategies. 2019 will be no different as coaches from across the world will gather in Boulder, Colorado for the 2019 Endurance Coaching Summit.

ECS Online is a collection of the best information from the Summit, including videos and slides from almost every session. More than 200 coaches will come to network, learn business strategy from industry experts, and gain valuable insights into science-based coaching. Don't miss out - register for the online version now!

Attendees will hear from endurance training experts leading the field such as  Stacy Sims, Alex Hutchinson, and many more.

What you will learn

  • Business strategies

    Explore topics about building your coaching business with roundtable discussions about the future of coaching.

  • The latest in coaching

    Learn from expert coaching panels with presentations dedicated to science-based coaching strategies.

  • Roundtable discussions

    Hear from a collection of the best minds in endurance sports as they discuss important coaching topics.

Course curriculum

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  • 2

    Breakout Sessions

    • Drink to Thirst or Drink to a Plan? - Andy Blow

    • What You Should Know About the Unique Science of Recovery - Christie Aschwanden

    • Traps and Pitfalls of Growing A Coaching Company - Katie Whidden + Andrew Simmons

    • Sidelined: Help Your Athletes Come Back Mentally Stronger From Injury - Carrie Cheadle

    • Adolescent Female Athletes: Approaches to Building Mental Toughness - Joanna Zeiger

    • DIY Heat Acclimation - Corinne Malcolm

    • Download the Breakout Presention slides

  • 3

    Applied Science Breakouts (Presentations slides only)

    • Common Gait Faults that Limit Performance and Cause Injury - Tim Hilden

    • Managing Energy in Endurance Athletes - Ryan Kohler

    • Determining Training Zones for the Endurance Athlete - Jared Berg

  • 4

    Roundtables (Presentations slides only)

    • Coaching Education - Jason Koop

    • Gut Dysfunction in Endurance Athletes - Amanda Turner

    • The Art of Coaching - Jim Miller

    • Using the Coach Match Service to Acquire New Athletes - Kevin Goldberg

    • The Role of Virtual Cycling in the Evolution of Coaching - Alex Serban

    • Training Plans - Tony Viton

    • Diversity and Inclusion in Endurance Sport - Sara Gross/Lisa Ingarfield

    • Putting a Price on Your Time - Philip Hatzis

    • Run Training Analysis - Andrew Simmons

    • Small Business Accounting Basics - Katie Whidden

    • Supercompensation of Life: How to Manage the Load of a Corporate Athlete’s Life - Tiina Hoffman

    • Rulon Rules: Grow Your Brand Through Social Media - Jen Rulon

Earn Continuing Education Credits

The Endurance Coaching Summit Online counts towards CEUs for USA Cycling and USA Triathlon

  • USA Cycling

    7 CEUs

  • USA Triathlon

    6 CEUs