Don't miss a thing from the 2018 Endurance Coaching Summit.

Every year, the best minds in endurance sports gather to learn from each other and grow the profession. 2018 was no different as coaches from across the world gathered in Manchester, U.K. at the Endurance Coaching Summit.

ECS Online is a collection of the best information from the Summit, including videos and slides from almost every session. Over 150 coaches came to network, learn business strategy from industry experts, and gain valuable insights into science-based coaching. Don't miss out on the information they left with.

Attendees heard from the best minds in coaching like Joe Friel, Chrissie Wellington, Stephen Seiler, Jim Miller, Sarah Broadhead, Andy Kirkland, and Asker Jeukendrup. Presentations included in-depth business, science, and coaching sessions.

What you will learn

  • Business strategies

    Enjoy topics about building your coaching business and roundtable discussions about the future of coaching.

  • The latest in coaching

    Enjoy expert coaching panels and presentations about science-based coaching strategies.

  • Roundtable discussions

    Hear from a collection of the best minds in endurance sports as they discuss important coaching topics.

Don't miss anything from the 2018 Endurance Coaching Summit

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the 2018 Endurance Coaching Summit

    • Introduction and Welcome!

  • 2

    Keynote Speakers

    • Introduction to the Presenters

    • "Opening Remarks" with Dirk Friel and Gear Fisher

    • "Living Without Limits" with Chrissie Wellington

    • "First Things First: A Hierarchy of Training Priorities for Endurance Athletes" with Stephen Seiler

    • "Closing Remarks" with Dirk Friel and Gear Fisher

    • Download the Presentations

  • 3

    Data and Training Strategies

    • Introduction to the Presenters

    • "Data Informed Planning" with Jim Miller

    • Panel: "High Performance Strategies for the Time Crunched Athlete"

    • "Findings on Coach/Athlete Research" with Andy Kirkland

    • Download the Presentations

  • 4

    The Business of Coaching

    • Introduction to the Presenters

    • "Building a Business Out of Nothing" with Rob Wilby and Andy Heaps

    • "The Many Hats of a Coach and Business Owner" with Sarah Broadhead

    • "The Future of Endurance Coaching" with Coach Panel

    • Download the Presentations

  • 5

    Nutrition, Physiology, and Psychology

    • Introduction to the Presenters

    • "The Psychology of Goal Setting" with Andy Lane

    • "Optimizing Endurance Performance with Heart Rate Variability" with Simon Wegerif

    • "Back to Basics: Demystifying Endurance Nutrition" with Asker Jeukendrup

    • Download the Presentations

  • 6

    Applied Science Breakouts (Slides Only)

    • Introduction to the Presenters

    • "The Biomechanics of breathing can we improve performance and endurance in the asymptomatic athlete." - Dr. Aashish Vyas

    • "Running Biomechanics Optimising running form for improved performance & injury outcomes"- Chris Bramah

    • "Strength Training for Endurance Athletes" - Scott Pearson

  • 7

    Roundtables (Slides Only)

    • Ask Joe Friel Anything

    • Taylor Thomas - Lessons from Growing My Coaching Business

    • Valuing Your Time as a Coach - Philip Hatzis

    • Social Media for Your Coaching Business - Dave Bradley

    • TrainingPeaks Coach Accreditation - Kevin Goldberg

    • Content Marketing for Your Coaching Business - Evan Moore

    • Training Plan Sales - Tony Viton

    • Course Profiling - Cody Stephenson

    • Sweat Sodium Loss and Hyponatremia in Endurance Athletes - Andy Blow

    • Athlete Retention - Simon Ward