TrainingPeaks University Online

Learn how to use your TrainingPeaks coach account more efficiently, save time, and grow your business.


TrainingPeaks Power Certification

This course is designed to equip coaches and athletes with a deeper understanding of power training and its complexities, and with the knowledge of how to interpret data to improve performance.


Intro to TrainingPeaks' Metrics

Joe Friel defines the TrainingPeaks' core metrics and discusses how you can use them in your training and racing.


2017 Endurance Coaching Summit Online

Where the world's top endurance coaches, industry experts, and thought leaders come together to discuss successful business strategies and the application of science based coaching.


The Business of Selling Training Plans

In this course, David Glover shares his approach to creating, marketing and selling online training plans in TrainingPeaks that enabled him to go from $420 in training plan sales in 2009 to more than $100,000 in sales in 2013 and every year since.


Get Your Goals: Effective Goal Setting Strategies for Athletes

Mental skills expert Carrie Cheadle's tips on how to set yourself, or your athlete, up for success with a proven goal-setting strategy